Dr. Broyles is offering functional health consulting only and is not a primary care provider. You can schedule an appointment with her online or in-person on request. She recommends that you share her recommendations for your health with your primary care provider. Dr. Broyles is only available for scheduled appointments. Please see your primary care provider for urgent and after-hours needs.

If you have a health savings account or cost-share type of insurance you can submit your receipt for reimbursement. Way2HealthMD is unable to file or bill insurance. Online and in-person consults with Dr. Broyles are a cash service payable at time of consult. We do not process insurance claims, requests, or denials.

Consults are billed by time. New patient visits start at one hour and can be longer if desired.

Pricing is as follows for all online consults: $300.00 per hour, $150.00 for 30 minutes.

If you wish to see Dr. Broyles in person, pricing will depend on location.

Some labs may be covered by your insurance depending on the lab and insurance company you have. Dr. Broyles will submit a lab order with the diagnosis codes necessary for the lab to submit to your insurance if possible.

Companies such as anylabtestnow, directlabs, and labcorp all offer phlebotomy services. Labkits requiring saliva, urine, or stool can be shipped to your home for you to complete and mail. Here are some nearby locations:
1140 Woodruff Rd
Suite 107
Greenville SC 29607
7 McDowell St
Suite 100
Asheville NC 28801
25 Woods Lake Rd
Ste 222
Greenville, SC 29607

Upon receiving your contact information, Way2HealthMD will send you an online link to set up a new patient account. You will then have access to our patient portal where you will fill out a new patient questionnaire. This is designed to be comprehensive to tell us all about your health and how we can help. Upon receipt of this completed new patient questionnaire, Dr. Broyles will contact you to schedule a new patient visit.

Dr. Broyles will spend the time you deserve to truly uncover the root cause of your symptoms. Your first visit will take at least an hour and if you need more time, that’s ok! No more rushing to see a doctor too busy to truly listen. At the end of your visit, she will provide you with a comprehensive plan including initial lifestyle and nutrition modifications, supplement or prescription options, and discuss testing options.

Based on your health needs Dr. Broyles will recommend a follow-up visit, typically three months from your first visit. If your health needs are more pressing, a sooner follow-up can be arranged. At this visit, she will review any testing results, discuss any improvements or setbacks since your last visit, and give you clear instructions on further lifestyle, nutritional, and supplement or prescription protocols.

Members will be given a unique login and password granting access to prerecorded videos detailing Dr. Broyles’s protocols for many common conditions. If you feel sick on a weekend or in the middle of the night and need to know what herbs Dr. Broyles would recommend for your condition, that information will be available to you under your member login. Members will also have access to healthy but tasty recipes under “Functional Flare Corner.”

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