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Honey Balsamic Glazed Holiday Hens


with rum and red wine reduction Ingredients: 4 Cornish hens Balsamic vinegar glaze approximately 6 oz Raw Honey approximately 4 oz 2 diced lemons (Meyer best) 8 diced apricots 4 tbsp golden raisins 4 tbsp dried cranberries 8 sprigs fresh sage 16 sprigs fresh thyme Infused lemon or citrus olive oil Salt and pepper 1 box garlic olive oil cous [more]

Carolina Ride and Tie 30 2021

2021-12-14T15:27:32+00:00Exercise and Fitness|

Yes, I am a RAT champion! RAT is short for Ride and Tie, my favorite new sport combining trail running and horseback riding! This is a fun group of slightly crazy athletes that find it invigorating to race down a rocky hillside trying to avoid being trampled by the hordes of race brain crazy equines pounding down the same trail. [more]

A Lullaby


Swollen little bellies, red infected eyes, tangled hair a nest for lice. A mother’s pleading, her voice breaking and eyes meeting mine. Tiny hands reach for my stethoscope as I listen for the familiar rhythm of life. Struggling to find hope in a world of pain, suffering, loss and death. Beautiful young mouths already scarred by decaying teeth. Heads [more]

Running in the mist

2021-11-22T19:52:18+00:00Exercise and Fitness|

Amy and I shrug into our water hydration packs and set off down the dirt road, having just dropped our children off at school. We meet every Wednesday morning to run together, sharing our joys and heartaches as we run alongside the gentle Pacolet river as it gurgles beneath birches, maples, tulip poplar and oak trees. This morning a cool [more]

Lessons from a Lost Sheep


Pull over son, the neighbor’s sheep is out.” There standing in the road ahead of us is a woolly very forlorn looking sheep pacing back-and-forth in front of a closed metal pasture gate. She obviously escaped through a hole in the fence that I cannot see and now regrets her wily escape. I quickly unlatch the gate and stand back, [more]

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