Pura Vida

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With the first rays of sunlight the sea slides towards the creamy sand liquid glass always taking yet giving back. Between its churning froth daybreak smiles her image reflected back in the sea's mirror. I am nestled between gnarled driftwood wooden memories of days standing tall bearing fruit and providing shade for the forest. Behind me living green beckons punctuated [more]

Successful Road Trip Hacks!


Once a year we pack up the kids, our truck camper full of food and clothes and drive out west.  So what do an ER doc and a family doc do to prevent health hazards of long road trips?  Over the years we have both cared for patients with pulmonary embolisms, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) blood clots in the legs, [more]

Adversity Mimetics


What does your family do for fun?  How about a weekend of counting alligators, paddling until your arms want to fall off, possibly bugs and extreme temperatures?  AND, beautiful bird sightings, gently swaying spanish moss over your head bedecking the cypress trees, and lots of fun with lifelong friends!  One our our family's favorite weekend adventures is paddling and camping [more]

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