This May my son turned sixteen, and suddenly my anxiety levels soared!  Surprised by the tears running down my cheeks, I stood watching him pull out in a mild state of shock.  I remember being his age, the joy of that first drive by myself, my confidence in my driving skills, and my parents worrying.  How easy it is to be in his shoes, I now understand why parents worry!  Even driving with his permit was not this sudden loss of control, feeling like my world was spinning and caving in as he drove out of the driveway that first time.  Now, two weeks later, with alot of prayer and releasing his future to his Creator, I feel better.  My worry will not change his future, I tell myself this every morning, and pray for angels to surround his car and keep him alert.  In meditating on his newfound freedom, and my fretfulness, I find peace knowing children are a gift and that seasons change.  Life is not static, nor are children.  Its not healthy for me or them to hang on to the past or fear the future.  I can only trust that they are my charges for a few short years, then I must release them into God’s hands.  Therein lies peace.  Releasing control.  A daily battle but one worth fighting!  And so as spring moves into summer I rejoice in the seasons change, and the cycle of life for myself and my children.  I revel in the longer days of sunshine, stretching out on the grass to feel the sun on my face, or walking barefoot around our farm to collect the last of the strawberries, the first of the blueberries, and check on the squash blossoms and budding raspberries.  Our large pond is warm enough for a quick skinny dip or a watergun fight with the kids.  Let the seasons change as I find joy in each one.