COVID issues: vaccines

Today I want to briefly give you the 6 supplements that I recommend if you’ve chosen to have a covid vaccine. The vaccine can be life saving, and most people do very well with it. A small number do experience side effects such as vascular inflammation or heart inflammation –symptoms also observed on a much larger scale with the covid virus itself.

If you’re choosing to take the vaccine, it is wise to pre-medicate with the following six supplements, starting one week before the vaccine and for a month afterwards.

COVID issues: long covid

Let’s talk about a problem affecting a lot of people: long covid. Here, supplements can make a world of difference. As you know, covid causes a massive amount of inflammation everywhere which means you have to address calming inflammation in multiple body systems: brain fog, joint inflammation, vascular inflammation, or elevated cardiac CRP. Here’s my list of supplements for the most common medical conditions related to long covid. Once you feel better, you can stop these.

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