Tips for a Healthy Skin

First, I want my face to reflect the joyful life I’ve had and having wrinkles is part of aging which I embrace. This being said, there are some things you can do to help your skin feel better and be healthier. Let’s dive in!

Warts: there are two types of wart: viral infections which you get by touching something that someone else with a wart touched, or using a razor that was used by someone with warts. This kind of wart stays on the upper level of your skin and this hides it from your immune system. That’s why when you go to the doctor for a wart, they freeze it or burn it or cut it. A lot of topical salicylic or acid pads are effective because they alert your immune system by creating a small injury or abrasion which brings the white cells in your immune system to investigate and take action to heal both the abrasion and the virus which is the wart. It may take several treatments.

Sun spots: after a day in the sun, apply spot treatments like Vitamin C Serum from Good Fortune Soaps.

Moisturizing: skin that doesn’t have enough moisture producers its own thick moisture which then increases the risk of acne, so my advice is to wash your face. Do not use soap, use only a washcloth, and then apply a facial moisturizer like ACURE. It’s non-GMO, organic and safe for sensitive skin.

Now a brief word of caution about black salve: many patients ask me if they can use black salve for skin cancers. Black salve is sold over the counter, it’s caustic and will damage the skin. If you put it on an early skin cancer (not melanoma)l, it may get rid of it, but it may cause permanent damage, so I typically don’t recommend it.

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